Paint Correction

What is Paint Correction?
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Paint correction is a detailed process that aims to restore a vehicle’s exterior paint. It involves carefully removing imperfections like swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation. Special tools and techniques are used to gently smooth the surface, enhancing the paint’s appearance and restoring its shine. This process can make a vehicle look as good as new.

Paint Correction Example

Here’s a BMW E60 M5 we restored from the dead. It came in with severely damaged paint with deep scratches and swirls. This received a stunning Stage One Paint Correction with an Extended Paint Protection Film Package

Paint Correction Prices in Dallas DFW TX

Prices vary depending on the condition of your paint. You can expect to pay $500-$800 for a One Step Paint Correction, all the way up to $1500 for a Four Step Paint Correction with Wet Sanding. The restoration achievable with paint correction corresponds directly to the amount of effort involved. It ranges from a basic one-step correction to a comprehensive and labor-intensive four-step correction.


One Step Paint Correction

Starting at $595

Involves a cut with a polish using a semi-abrasive pad. Removes up to 50% of paint imperfections.


Two Step Paint Correction

Starting at $795

Requires a cut with a polish using an abrasive and finishing pad. Removes up to 80% of swirl marks.


Three Step Paint Correction

Starting at $1195

First pass with a strong compound and a heavy cut pad. Followed by a medium compound with a medium cut pad. Lastly, a polish with a finishing pad. Corrects up to 99% of scratches, swirls, and imperfections.


Four Step Paint Correction

Contact for Price

Combines a three step paint correction with a complete wet sanding. This removes 100% of scratches, swirls, imperfections, and deep scratches in the paint surface.

Do I need Paint Correction in the Metroplex?

Assessing whether your vehicle requires paint correction involves examining the condition of the paint. Start by inspecting the surface for imperfections such as swirl marks, scratches, oxidation, and dullness. If your car’s paint lacks clarity, appears dull, or shows signs of damage, then paint correction may be necessary. Additionally, consider the age of your vehicle and the level of care it has received over time. Typically, older vehicles or those subjected to harsh environmental conditions are more likely to benefit from paint correction. Evaluating these factors can help determine if your vehicle would benefit and what stage might be needed.

Considering Paint Correction in Dallas Fort-Worth TX?

Charge Mods suggests consulting a specialized paint correction shop staffed by experienced professionals. Selecting a reputable detailer with a history of using quality products is essential for ensuring correct paint preparation and correction.

If you’re in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and interested in Paint Correction, contact us or visit the shop for a personalized consultation regarding available packages and services. Our team will assist you throughout the process, ensuring you receive the ideal solution for safeguarding your vehicle’s paint.

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