What is Paint Protection Film?

What is a Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film, commonly referred to as PPF, serves as a transparent shield, crafted from thermoplastic urethane, meticulously applied to the painted surfaces of a vehicle. This specialized film acts as a barrier against the onslaught of road hazards such as rock chips, bug splatter, bird droppings, and other debris. By adding an extra layer of protection, PPF ensures the longevity of your vehicle’s paint, defending it against scuffs, chips, and scrapes while preserving its pristine appearance.

How does Paint Protection Film work?

Paint Protection Film arrives in convenient rolls, primed for application. A foundational layer at the bottom of the roll, servers as a protective layer protecting and keeping the film clean until installation.

In the middle of the film is a layer of acrylic adhesive strategically positioned to adhere seamlessly to the vehicle’s clear coat. Despite its unassuming thickness, this adhesive boasts remarkable tenacity while remaining effortlessly removable, ensuring a long lasting protection of the underlying paint.

The core of the Paint Protection Film functionality lies within the robust urethane layer. Engineered to withstand impact, it absorbs and disperses kinetic energy, mitigating the risk of rock chips.

Elevating its performance further, a delicate but strong clear coat finishes it off. This final layer not only creates a lustrous sheen but also acts as a shield against any harmful UV rays, bird droppings, etc. preventing discoloration and degradation.


Paint Protection Film Packages

There are various packages available to address specific protection needs, such as guarding against bugs, rock chips, bird droppings, and more. Common options include Partial Front/Clear Bra, Full Protection, Extended Protection, and Basic Protection. Additionally, there are numerous customization possibilities to tailor the protection plan to your individual requirements. At Charge Mods, we advise selecting from three of the four main packages, as we’ve identified a drawback associated with Partial Front/”Clear Bra” coverage.

Basic Protection
Extended Protection
Full Protection

While the idea of applying a partial front Paint Protection Film (often termed as “Clear Bra”) may initially appear cost-effective, it’s crucial to evaluate the level of protection your vehicle truly requires. The front end of your car consistently faces exposure to a variety of road hazards like debris, gravel, and insects, leaving it vulnerable to potential damage. Opting for a partial front PPF application may leave critical areas unprotected, compromising the overall efficacy of the film.

Instead, by selecting any of the comprehensive packages mentioned earlier, you ensure that every aspect of your vehicle’s paint receives the necessary protection. Investing in complete coverage not only guards against unforeseen damages but also preserves the consistency of your vehicle’s appearance, ultimately enhancing its durability and resale value.

Paint Protection Film Cost Factors

Paint Condition

All of our Paint Protection Film packages contain a form of Paint Correction. Depending on the condition of the paint we will perform a different stage, whether it’s a light polish meaning the paint is in great shape or a triple stage paint correction equaling to lots of scratches and swirls in your vehicle’s paint.

Full Tuck or Precut

Here at Charge Mods we take Full Tuck to a different level. Our techs disassemble as much body panels as they can to give a seamless look to your vehicle’s Paint Protection Film. This in turn increases the time and cost of the job while Precut requires minimal disassembly.

Vehicle Complexity

A front bumper of a Tesla Model 3 compared to a Corvette C8 Z06 is a night and day difference. A car or truck with more complex angles and hard to access spots will add more time to the installation process.

Vehicle Size

Depending on the size of the vehicle the more or less laborious it can be. A smaller vehicle will need less film and time to complete whereas a larger vehicle will be more.

Difference between Paint Protection Film and Vinyl Wrap

Paint Protection Film and Vinyl are very similar when it comes to installation, however, the materials are completely different.

Vinyl Wrap is made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) while Paint Protection Film is made from Polyurethane. 

Vinyl Wraps are known for changing your vehicle’s color and aesthetic of the car, from a simple color change to your very own custom livery. They are normally 2-6 mils thick causing a shorter life span, and less protection to your vehicle. On the other hand, Paint Protection Film is 6-10 mils thick giving your vehicle long lasting protection anywhere from 5-10 years depending on the level of care.

Vinyl Wraps and Paint Protection Film are both removable without damaging your vehicle’s paint. However, if your PPF is left on your vehicle for several years it might be a more time consuming process since there will be left over adhesive after removal.

Where to get Paint Protection Film Installed?

For optimal results, Charge Mods suggests entrusting your vehicle to a specialized PPF shop staffed with skilled technicians. It’s crucial to select a reputable detailer and installer with a track record of experience and access to quality products, ensuring meticulous preparation of the paint for correct PPF application. Throughout the installation process, great care is taken to prevent any damage to exterior surfaces from adhesive, heat, or cutting tools.

If you’re in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and contemplating PPF installation, we invite you to contact us or visit our shop for a personalized consultation. Our team is dedicated to providing guidance throughout the entire process, ensuring you receive the optimal solution tailored to protect your vehicle’s paint effectively.

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